About Us

Marine Pump Solutions is a new company with a long history in the boating world. The owner, Bill Rowell has more than 50 years experience in all facits of boating both on the Great Lakes and Ocean.  Marine Pumps Solutions was born out of the need for a US produced, low cost and reliable solution to air conditioning cooling that is backed by an industry leading warranty.

Already in our short existence we are making big waves in the industry with one of the top marine air conditioner producers proclaiming “With our initial extreme conditions bench test your MPS-500 pump has come away with great results.  We also have concluded that it actually produces the gallons per hour that it’s rated for unlike other pumps that we have tested.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about a pump solution for your application.  We can be reached at sales@marinepumpsolutions.com or 941-474-6029.