Marine Pump Solutions



Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pump for applications requiring safe, leak-free, continuous duty pumping. Designed specifically for marine air conditioners.

Max Head 18' at 0 Flow  Max 13.2 GPM  1/2" NPT Ports

Features: •

Pumphead manufactured in chemical resistant themo-plastics entirely non-metallic • Magnetic couplings provide an energy efficient thermal shield, minimizing heat transfer to the pumped fluid • IPX5 standard motor housing • Deep groove ball bearings • EPDM o-ring • Polypropylene (PP) encapsulated magnet • Polypropylene (PP) housing • PPS spindle housing • Alumina ceramic spindle.

  Height   Length   Width   Ports  Voltage   Fuse   Watts   Amps

5.62"       8.4"         4.0"       1/2"    110        1.0A    60         .95A


 ISO/ Small craft Electrical devices Protection against Ignition of surrounding   flammable gases.

UL Listed