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Armadillo Pro shield

Don't Wax your Boat Armadillo Pro Shield it

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Superior Protection

HIGHLY hydrophobic, Armadillo Pro Shield repels water and protects the gel coat, glass, stainless, plastic and rubber parts. Our patent pending ceramic coating creates a layer of durable protection with unmatched "JUST WAXED" SHINE for weeks!

Why Armadillo Pro Shield

Developed by avid boat enthusiasts who love our boats but hate washing and waxing. We got together with a few chemists and geeks to come up with a simple, effective, and affordable ceramic coating solution. Our patent-pending Armadillo Pro Shield goes on in minutes and provides protection and shine for up to 30 days!

Refill's in 32 OZ 64 OZ, & 128 OZ Available 

Most applications take less than 7 minutes!

Offers protection from UV damage · Durable - lasts up to 30 days · Prevents etching and staining · Increases gloss and shine · Outstanding drying quality ·   Environmentally Safe This product will also work on Cars & RV's


Refills Available 

Directions for use

Apply on clean surface.
1. Turn the tab on the sprayer to STOP position.
2. Attach a garden hose to the sprayer, turn on the water supply.
3. Move the tab on the sprayer to WATER position and completely wet the surface.
4. Turn the sprayer to ON position and generously spray over the surfaces you want to protect.
5. Turn the sprayer to WATER and rinse thoroughly. You are done!
Dry with a soft, dry terry cloth, chamois or microfiber towel.